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Google's Chrome OS, like Android, Apple's IOS, and Windows 8, has its own application store at: Note that many apps in the store are little more than links to an external web page. I have not listed those in my list below, as they offer not much more than the convenience of having an icon with a link.

There are still relatively few selections here compared to the mature IOS and Android app stores, but I'm hopeful that more will be coming along as Chromebooks become more accepted.

The following is my running list of Google Chrome/Chromebook apps that I am using (not a complete list of apps available). This list is specifically limited to apps which can function offline. Online apps which require an internet connection (e.g. Pandora or YouTube) can be accessed just as easily from a bookmarked web page. Aside from the usual browsing and email use, my use of Chrome and a Chromebook is to access other machines (Windows, Linux) and do some light editing of text notes, web pages, and images. On trips, I use the Chromebook for offline entertainment (music, video, ebooks), and backup of photos and video from my cameras.

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