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Choosing Your Electric Car - The Range Factor 

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As of 2013, electric vehicles seem to have finally gotten a small toe-hold in mainstream America. So if you're now considering an EV yourself, one of the main questions you should be asking yourself is how far you have to drive in it.

Conventional wisdom is that Americans drive less than 40 miles per day, so a car that has a range of 75 miles is a good target for manufacturers. But that's an average, and you have to determine whether or not that works for you.

Here are the "gotcha's" that need to be considered:

The bottom line is that an EV is best used as a regular commuting vehicle, and you need to factor many more things into selecting an EV than simply knowing the distance from your house to your work. If you have an option for more battery capacity, it may be worthwhile to pay for extra range.